Putting People First in your Big Data Initiative

You have the resources and the data, but how do you package information so customers find it valuable? This e-book, Putting People First in your Big Data Initiative, summarizes how to make data valuable for customers. The focus is largely on those non-analytical audiences - the people that beg you for more information but won’t use your new dashboard. It also offers ideas on extending your Big Data efforts outside your organization. 


The idea of putting people first goes way back to Zach’s Last Mile of Business Intelligence blog post in 2007, where he highlighted that the user experience is often the forgotten stage of any BI project. Fast forward to 2016 and the same can now be said for the Big Data project. The real value or monetization opportunity of these projects lies in making customers a big part of the success equation. Getting customers engaged, using your data, asking for your guidance and expertise should be the end goal of these projects. Given the investment and effort required to store, clean and analyze data, putting people first is a helpful reminder of where the finish line really is.   

You may not be ready to put people first now. There’s just too much messy data, too many tests that need to get run and too many new requirements to think beyond this week’s tasks. However, when you turn the corner and the conversation changes and you're ready to talk monetization, customer reports or data products, this document gives you the storytelling tips needed to develop an Information Experience that customers will love, so they clearly feel they were put first all along.

It's an easy read of 15 pages with plenty of tips, links and resources to help you be successful.