Juicebox® is a cloud-based platform for creating customized data products.


Join these organizations who transformed their customer reporting into valuable, revenue-generating data products


Why Juicebox?


Launch without risk

No more failed IT projects or half-baked dashboard designs. Juice has a proven process to launching data products.


Engage with data storytelling

Old-school reports and dashboards leave users confused. Juicebox’s proprietary approach delivers a guided narrative leading to informed actions.


Get to market fast

Launching a data product on your own can take months to gather requirements, design, and develop. Juicebox applications are delivered in weeks.


Let your data shine

Juicebox uses enterprise-grade infrastructure to handle large data and high usage volumes. Our flexible development platform gives you the power to create a data product that is unique to you.

Schedule a demo and be within weeks of launching your first data product.

Intuitive visualizations

Intuitive visualizations

Save, share, and collaborate on insights

Save, share, and collaborate on insights

Customer Success Stories

What do business leaders say about Juicebox?

Juicebox applications guide users down a path and tell stories with data.
— Robert A. Frist, CEO, HealthStream
We worked with Juicebox to create a concise path for our clients to obtain essential data while providing an inventive user experience.
— Anitha McNeilly, Product Manager, Verity
With Juicebox, we’ve turned raw data into visually compelling and easy to understand applications that help our customers.
— Alf-Christian Dybdahl, SVP, Laerdal Medical