Preverity: Delivering Complex Data to Customers


Preverity uses algorithms to understand and reduce the risk of a physician having a malpractice claim. While Preverity is great at reducing risks for hospitals, health systems, and providers, they needed to present complex information in understandable dashboards to their customers.

Access to Information Design Expertise

After looking at reporting solutions, Preverity realized they needed design expertise to ensure their results were valued and actionable. They didn’t have time to pick the wrong solution. Preverity needed a well-designed data application for its customers.

Referral to a data product specialist

To let the Preverity team do what they do best and gain access to design expertise, they connected their data to Juicebox. They were able to deploy easy-to-understand information dashboards just in time for product launch as well as gather valuable feedback from customers on search capability and usability.

Our business requires us to be able to tell a story with our data. Juicebox gives us the best way to deliver unique data stories to our customers

— Gene Boerger, COO, Preverity

Powerful data at their fingertips

Preverity customers really appreciate their Juicebox solution. They now have access to this rich data in an easy-to-read story. The next steps for Preverity and Juicebox are rapidly deploying product updates and adding new users.