Barna Group: Survey Results turned into a Story


Had an idea

The Barna Group performs a lot of surveys and has great data that church pastors around the country value and use. However, market-specific metrics had previously been published only as printed data tables. They were interested in finding a more compelling and user-friendly way to deliver their market-level data to church and nonprofit leaders.

However, their team had limited experience with technology project management and limited capacity to develop their own solution. They learned about the Juicebox platform with its focus on storytelling to non-analytical users and decided to see how their survey data might work in this form.  Being able to lean on Juice’s expertise was an added bonus.

Perfect Fit

Juicebox was the perfect fit. It was the right balance of technical solution, simple interface and data storytelling expertise. Barna faced some challenges in turning survey data into database format, but the Juice team helped them navigate the transition and delivered a solid product.

“JuiceBox delivered on what we hoped.  A clean, uncomplicated interface for different levels of data comfort. The design fits well with our brand and how we want to display data for our customers.” — Brooke Hempell Senior VP, Research, Barna Group

Future looks bright

For the Barna team, this data application is only version 1.0. As Juicebox built the tool, early users identified new potential ways to deliver data to their customers. Barna is confident that as users become more familiar with the tool, their engagement will increase, and they will want to explore further, leading to new product development opportunities.