HealthStream: Healthcare software company develops a portfolio of data solutions


Picture this. You’re a leading provider of talent management software for the healthcare industry. With over 3,000 hospitals on your platform, you collect huge amounts of data on employee training performance. Over half the nation’s hospitals rely on Healthstream solutions, so what’s next to grow revenue and increase shareholder value?

Maybe there’s value beyond just the raw data and spreadsheets.

Sure, there are plenty of reports that hospitals can pull to get basic transactional information, but there weren’t any data solutions to help them unlock insights that staff can turn into actions and unlock the real value of the data.

So you deploy the Juicebox platform to enable a myriad of data products

Juicebox collects, processes and displays the data generated from the 130 million online courses completed to thousands of Healthstream users. With JuiceBox, they not only get a fully functional, HIPAA certified, cloud-based platform, but a means of producing a multitude of data solutions for customers….quickly.

Created, Delivered, and Generating Revenue

Using Juicebox Healthstream has produced and implemented multiple data products and customer dashboards that generate incremental revenue on top of their transaction solutions. The best part is that hospitals across the U.S. are able to see reports in new ways and amend their processes.