Success Story: Predikto Is Right on Track

Ever been in this situation? Your organization generates massive amounts of data critical to its success and you share it across your organization, but it's not being used successfully. The visuals showing the insights aren't clear (or worse - they're buried in a spreadsheet), people can’t make heads or tails of it and as a result you don't hit your business goals.

If that sounds familiar, you’re not alone. Predictive analytics company Predikto found themselves facing the same problem. Their data product was being used to anticipate when railroad hot box detectors (or HBDs - monitors that detect train failure) would malfunction. The goal was to be able to get a maintenance crew out to fix an HBD before it could malfunction and stop any trains, costing Predikto's client big bucks. But with multiple tracks throughout the country and massive amounts of data being generated, crews weren’t able to make sense of the data and get to the problematic HBDs in time.

After evaluating their different options, Predikto chose to implement Juicebox to visualize the information in a simple and actionable way. Using the data product, maintenance crews are now connected to HBD health-check displays, making it easy to identify potentially problematic HBDs and fix them before they can breakdown. Juicebox provided Predikto with the tools to save time, money, and most importantly, their workers’ sanity.

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