Data Fluency:

Empowering Your Organization with Effective Data Communication

Finally, an easy-to-read handbook designed for the non-data, non-analyst crowd. Data Fluency clearly lays out data communication and design principles that change the way organizations use data.

Learn how to:

  • Guide your audience through a compelling data story

  • Design data products that are easily understood

  • Drive decision-makers to the best outcomes using data

The Authors



founder + CEO


founder + CTO


The Gemignani brothers wrote this book for the business user to conquer the challenge of making valuable data approachable and easy to understand. Data Fluency is the culmination of their passion for data, design and improving the data experience.

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Amazon reviews


Excellent foundation to any organizational effort to be more "data driven"

“As someone who has some responsibility for building a data-driven culture within a large global (tech) company, I found this book to be a welcome resource. Much of the conversation around data and analytics these days centers are the promise of "big data". While it's true there are some very real and interesting opportunities in big data, most organizations still have a "small data" problem. We can build production systems for generating and mashing up ever more interesting data sets....but until we have an organizational conversation about the role of data producers and data consumers, and the means by which they will connect and communicate, the promise will always fall short.
Net net - buy this book if you want to create a common foundation across your team or organization and raise everyone's level of play. The authors present a simple but highly applicable model for thinking about the challenge and moving productively toward better results. Even for those of us who have been deep in data to drive business decisions for years, this book is a great refresher and performance check.
No hype, no drama, just pragmatic advice built over the 10+ years Juice Analytics has been working on the topic.”

— Rob Dickins

Practical, easy to read, and relevant regardless of industry

“As a nonprofit professional, I encounter varying levels of interest from my peers when it comes to using data to make informed choices. Often, the challenge lies in presenting data to colleagues in a clear, compelling way that spurs meaningful conversation. This book will help start that conversation.
Although technology has led to a wealth of data, and new ways to access this data, there are few resources on how to effectively use and communicate this data to guide action. The authors clearly define this problem and the need for data fluency within and across all types of organizations to address complex problems and drive change. The data fluency framework they present offers a simple way to ensure your organization is developing capabilities at the individual and broader organizational level in both creating and consuming meaningful, actionable data. They supplement the explanation of the framework throughout the book with fascinating real-world examples drawn from various industries as well as practical next steps to take your organization to the next level of data fluency.

Written in simple, clear language, the authors succeed in making this intimidating topic easy to digest and even fun. It's hard to imagine an organization, regardless of sector, that would not benefit from applying the principles outlined here to better guide decision-making and make use of the exciting new tools we all now have, readily available at our fingertips.”

— Anand Sridharan