Tables with a twist; try the leaderboard

The Juice Leaderboard

How do you find the best of the best? The National Football League holds a combine every year where the top college football players run, jump and press. We took that data and put it into our leaderboard visualization to let you explore these physical freaks.

A leaderboard lets you focus on exceptions; the best and worst performers across different characteristics. Everyone or everything that's not superlative (or lousy) is available but not emphasized.

By looking across multiple characteristics you can see one person's strengths and weaknesses. Here's a quick overview of how it works.

Or jump in and try it out with your own data. One note: this visualization requires IE 9 or higher or Safari/Chrome/Firefox.

We're working on a revamp of the popular chart chooser that would include more tools like this so let us know what you think.