Gift Ideas for Data and Visualization Lovers

It's that time of year again. Thanksgiving is just a few days away and soon you'll have to answer that question you dread every year - what to get for your data-loving friends for Christmas? Clever gift giving is not easy so we're here to help with some great suggestions. 


A great option for someone who loves data and loves to read. Also a great choice if there's a book you'd really like to read. Get it for them and when they're done, you can borrow it. Win-win. Here are a few books we love:

You can find lots of neat visual gifts on Etsy, from infographics on Zombies, to periodic tables of Game of Thrones, the perfect cup of coffee art, to world map canvas art.

These prints from would also make a great gift.

Visual Family Tree

My Tree and Me - a fun and unique way to visualize your family tree. Just in case you need to answer that timeless question, “how are we related to him again?"


Do you have any great gift suggestions we missed? Leave them in the comments below! Happy shopping!