Can A Map Move a City?

If you've ever tried to get anywhere in Atlanta at 5:30 p.m. on a Thursday, you're painfully aware of the seemingly perpetual problem we have with traffic.  Last year, Atlanta was ranked as the 4th worst city for commuters.


Atlanta Journal-Constitution Atlanta Map: [lightwindow href="" title="AJC Atlanta Map"] [/lightwindow]

That's why Juice teamed up with the Atlanta Journal-Constitution(AJC) to help metro Atlantans better understand and visualize the magnitude of the initiative which encompasses projects across a 10-county region at a proposed cost of $6.14 billion. If voters approve the new transportation referendum in Summer 2012, it will be the biggest single transportation effort in the region in over 40 years. The referendum would add an extra one percent multi-county regional sales tax to fund the mammoth initiative over a 10-year period.

Juice designed a detailed map to accompany the AJC's three-page cover story in order to help metro Atlantans better understand and visualize the magnitude of the initiative. The map provides readers with a bird's eye view of the 118 proposed projects on the current draft of the referendum. The alpha-numeric coordinates along the "x" and "y" axis help readers find their bearings, while the color and pattern-coded keys help them easily identify degrees of traffic congestion and decipher roadway projects from transit projects, bike and pedestrian projects from aviation projects.

We are thrilled to have the opportunity to contribute to our community to do what we can to help solve one of the region's key challenges when it comes to growth, economy, and environment. We're looking forward to seeing how this story plays out and are hopeful that visualizations such as this one will help voters and decision makers alike consume, process the massive amounts of data driving this effort, and act.

Unfortunately, the AJC only ran the map and accompanying story in the subscriber edition of the paper, so I'm not able to share a link.