Baby Dashboard

The folks at Trixie Tracker very nearly read my mind. They created an online service that helps you keep track of the daily patterns of your infant. Users enter information about nap times, feedings, and diaper activity—then have access to a variety of informative charts and graphs. "Learn more about your baby’s needs and behavior... get more sleep," they promise. Here’s an example of their "sleep telemetry" graphic:

Trixie Tracker Graph

The idea is good...but it doesn’t cover our most pressing need as parents. Like a business, we need real-time information that will help us make game-time decisions. Is he ready for a nap? What’s going on in that diaper? Does he need to eat now? These are the answers we need to ensure a contented baby.

With these concerns in mind, I took baby analytics a step further: I developed a real-time baby dashboard with heads-up display. Using the Trixie Tracker log data as a starting point, I added a durable in-diaper sensor to capture the, err, "raw data" necessary for timely action. The final step was to attach a wearable DLP, high-lumen (indoor, outdoor usage) projection lens to baby’s outfit. Now I’m always one step ahead of an unhappy kid.

Baby Dashboards

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