#1 Barrier to BI Success

In case you missed it, Information Week recently released a report that listed, among other things, the "top 10 roadblocks to BI success" (skip to page 48 for the list). So, does anyone want to guess what IW found the top barrier to be?

As it turns out, it wasn’t "data throughput", or "access to data sources/more data", or even "more features". The number one barrier to BI success, according to IW, is (get this) "Complexity of BI tools and Interfaces". That’s right, it’s not technology, but usability that keeps people from getting value from BI solutions. People actually want software that’s easier to use, not harder.

In our eyes, this is just another example that the BI industry isn’t being constrained by the technology. We don’t need more tools, or even more features. The problem isn’t going to be solved by technology. What we need are solutions that, for people who depend on information, make it easier to see, understand, and use the information that really matters. What we need are solutions that are designed for a purpose, that transform data into easy to understand information, and that are beautifully usable.

Oh. Wait a minute. That’s what we do.