Design Principles


Here is our list of time-tested principles of thought for designing all-star applications. It's a rubric of sorts for judging the well-rounded-ness of an application. Not all applications need all principles applied; however, all can benefit from being interrogated:

  • Could my application be improved by implementing this principle?
  • Should I improve this aspect of my data presentation?

It's not easy to think like a designer, but behind these fundamentals is a wealth of potential for you and your business. Even though this is a work in progress, our thinking is to go ahead and put the list out there to show the breadth of where we're going.

Let us know what principle name you'd like to see next by adding a comment below!


  • Drill down
  • Flow
  • Gradual reveal
  • Encourage exploration
  • Provide instruction
  • Guide attention
  • Explanation before information
  • Use redundancy appropriately
  • Smooth animation
  • Clarify with annotations
  • Save workflow history
  • Present invitations
  • Use an entry point
  • Movement distracts
  • Provide goals
  • Save snapshots
  • Provide alerts
  • Contextual help



  • Simulate outcomes
  • Clarify relationships
  • All-on-screen
  • Provide reference points
  • Time contextualizes
  • Communicate true scale
  • Provide overview and summaries
  • Suggest related items
  • Coordinate linked views
  • Choose the right chart
  • Promote causality
  • Provide sufficient dimensions
  • Visualize multi-variate data
  • Promote patterns




  • Track changes
  • Justify credibility
  • Give instant feedback
  • Share findings
  • Present actionable info
  • Cultivate transparency
  • Facilitate collaboration
  • Task specific execution
  • Export data and analysis
  • Solve a problem
  • Involve schedules
  • Communicate progress
  • Provide next steps


  • Focus with filters
  • Control detail density
  • Emphasize the interesting
  • Zoom to navigate
  • Persistent details on demand
  • Use transitions
  • Optimize speed
  • Use ordering appropriately