Technology Bracketology Round 2 (...and Round 1 results!!)

Technology Bracketology - Round 1
Technology Bracketology - Round 1

While you guys were watching #15 seeded Lehigh spank #2 seeded Duke this weekend, we were keeping our eyes on the Technology Bracketology slugfest. Round 1 is over and here are the results:

While we didn't quite see the techno-version of the Duke/Lehigh schooling, we did have a few upsets of our own. We were amused to find TiVo showing the Prius how it's done, but were just plain shocked by Flash's refusal to be obliterated by Apple's iOS. Notice any other unexpected playas?

Here's the updated bracket showing those results:


And now for Round 2!

Again, pick your winners based on:

  • influence: changed how we thought about a problem and future technology solutions
  • innovative: new and different, why didn't I think of that?
  • adoption: pervasive, widely used

You can vote for your favorites here: Technology Bracketology Round 2.

We'll report on Round 2 results on Thursday, March 22nd. Go!