Take the Strata Vizathlon Challenge & Visualize Yourself in the Big Apple.

We're teaming up with O'Reilly Media to challenge you to participate in a data visualization contest leading up to O'Reilly's Strata New York Summit September 19 - 23. Data has become nearly as essential as food in both our personal and professional lives. So, why not use food as the basis for a data visualization contest?

Play With Your Food.

Join in the competition and visualize information about all the delicious fare our society enjoys. (First, you'll want to put down that chicken wing, lest you get sauce on your keypad.) Being the foodie you are, you'll appreciate that we've found some pretty cool data sets from FoodFacts.com for you to play with, making this subject matter you can really, uh, sink your teeth into.

A Trip to NYC, Strata Conference Passes and More.

The grand prize winner will win a trip to the Big Apple to present their winning visualization at the O'Reilly Strata NY Summit in New York, NY September 20 - 21, 2011.  Other prizes include Strata NY Conference passes, ebooks from oreilly.com and more. Sweet.

On-the-Map Judges.

Who would pass up an opportunity to get the attention of these judges, let alone have their work reviewed by Flowing Data's Nathan Yau, The New York Time's Amanda Cox and Juice's own Chris Gemignani?  Serious bragging rights.

All That.

More information about the challenge categories, the rules, the prizes, the judges, judging criteria and all you could possibly want or need know about the contest is here.

So, get started on your data visualization now, while your appetite is whet for competition. Entries are due by August 28, 2011.

Juice Fans Get 30% Off Strata NY.

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