Analytics Roundup: Better presentations

Feltron Eight
Nice example of an optional, but much more interesting annual report could be formatted.

The Steve Jobs 90 Minute Keynote in 60 Seconds - Mahalo
GREAT summarization of the Job MacWorld 2008 keynote—from 90 minutes to 60 seconds. This demonstrates a good example of how to summarize a great deal of information.

Presentation Zen: 6 Presentation tips from a Steve Jobs keynote
6 good presentation points based on Steve Jobs 2008 MacWorld keynote » 70+ PowerPoint and Presentation Resources and Great Examples
Great examples of properly using PowerPoint/Keynote.

Analytics Roundup: infographics and visualizations

Visualization for the Masses: Information Graphics and the New York Times
He explained how a 30-person team creates the impressive infographics and visualizations we see on the newspaper every week.

information r/evolution movie
This video explores the changes in the way we find, store, create, critique & share information, a nice video illustration of some of Shirkey’s essays.

demographics by ZIP Code - ZIPskinny
Colorful visualization comparing demographic attributes of zip codes.

Analytics Roundup

Nielsen/NetRatings’ August social media numbers: Not much change
Interesting post I stumbled on related to Nielsen’s web analytics service. Several references to "juicy" or "juiciness".

Inbox Zero
Merlin Mann on cleaning your e-mail inbox.

The New York Times > Home Prices Across the Nation
The most interesting / important part may be the talking head in the lower left, should you be annotating your reports with video?

Introduction to Statistical Thought—free ebook
1) explains how statisticians think about data
2) introduces modern statistical computing
3) as lots of real examples

Analytics Roundup: Chicken presentation and so much more

Programming Collective Intelligence
Pulling information from community contributed data.

Videos that can change your organization
Top ten business videos on YouTube.

The Encyclopedia of Business Cliches

UC Berkeley CS160 User Interfaces Fall 06
Course readings and student notes.

Language Log: Chicken: the PowerPoint Presentation
The presentation you dare not give.

Prometheus Meets the Enterprise Management System
I laughed, I cried, I laughed again.

Diagrams: Tools and Tutorials

Data Visualization: Modern Approaches
A grab bag of ideas.

fontblog : Introducing Ambiguity
A typographic symbol to indicate ambiguity, compare to the typographic mark lol which indicates stupidity.

Whimsley: The Netflix Prize: 300 Days Later

Process Trends Website
Good excel charting and visualization tips.

BusinessWeek: Who Participates And What People Are Doing Online
A simple and fairly effective use of square pies.