Analytics Roundup: infographics and visualizations

Visualization for the Masses: Information Graphics and the New York Times
He explained how a 30-person team creates the impressive infographics and visualizations we see on the newspaper every week.

information r/evolution movie
This video explores the changes in the way we find, store, create, critique & share information, a nice video illustration of some of Shirkey’s essays.

demographics by ZIP Code - ZIPskinny
Colorful visualization comparing demographic attributes of zip codes.

Analytics Roundup

Nielsen/NetRatings’ August social media numbers: Not much change
Interesting post I stumbled on related to Nielsen’s web analytics service. Several references to "juicy" or "juiciness".

Inbox Zero
Merlin Mann on cleaning your e-mail inbox.

The New York Times > Home Prices Across the Nation
The most interesting / important part may be the talking head in the lower left, should you be annotating your reports with video?

Introduction to Statistical Thought—free ebook
1) explains how statisticians think about data
2) introduces modern statistical computing
3) as lots of real examples