Spruce Up Your Data Visualization Skills

Spring is a great time to spruce things up.  While you're at it, consider adding a little shine to you and your skills. We've made it easy for you by adding five more videos to our resources page that will help sharpen your saw, as Stephen Covey might say, in this important area of your life.  From graphing to table design, color to typography best practices, you'll find these video tutorials full of tips, tricks and tidbits that you'll be using long after the pollen rinses away and your antihistamine goes back in the drawer.

And, just in case you've been fogged over, we launched a new page on our site a few weeks ago, Design Principles. If designing from the human perspective interests you, you'll find this a valued extension to your knowledgebase.  

Achoo! (That is, here's to you!)