"Powering the Kitchen"

Happy Monday! Have you been thinking about your entry in the O'Reilly Strata Data Visualization Contest that we're running? If you’re looking for a more complex visualization example that’s more infographic-y than the ones we’ve been covering over the past few days, take a look at this very well done example done for GE by Fathom and Ben Fry entitled “Powering the Kitchen”.

Fathom has taken a story-like approach with this one by laying it with each tab/page a different interactive view into the data. We like it because it allows the user to explore and investigate the same data from several different, but controlled perspectives. It’s all topped off with nice use of color and contrast to make sure the viewer is looking at the most important fact on the page.

Keep working and don't forget that all visualizations are due on Sunday 8/28 before midnight, Eastern time.