Oh! How sweet it is! Technology Bracketology Sweet 16!

What could be possibly sweeter than Juice? The Technology Bracketology Sweet 16, of course! And oh! how sweet it is! The 64 became 32; who became 16. Sixteen technologies that have turned their competitor's lemonade into lemons. Check it out:

Technology Bracketology - Round 2
Technology Bracketology - Round 2

Here are a couple of games that we found particularly interesting:

Number 2 seed iTunes came out on top of 10 seeded Pandora, but not by as much as we might have expected. Pandora clinched a full 39% of the votes. Cool.

The truly amazing story was how much number 5 seeded GPS crushed number 4 seeded Twitter with 88% of the votes. (Hmmm... sounds like a sweet tweet in the making.)

So, here comes round 3:


Now it's time to have at it and vote for your favorite 8! Don't forget to pick your winners based on:

  • influence: changed how we thought about a problem and future technology solutions
  • innovative: new and different, why didn't I think of that?
  • adoption: pervasive, widely used

You can vote for your favorites on the Technology Bracketology Round 3. We'll report on Round 3 results on Monday, March 25th.

And the 16 shall become 8. Sweet!

(By the way we couldn't help but to point out our favorite comment from one of our voters: "I think that Juice needs to acquire one of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners of the tourney and get a group picture with said winners." Thanks for your feedback. We'll get right on that!)