November Learning

Yesterday I had an opportunity to sit in on presentation by Alan November of November Learning . Alan’s expertise in learning communities and technology in education offered a few tasty nuggets:

He was emphatic that our education system needs to create a “global work ethic" if our country wants to be competitive in a global economy. This special new work ethic requires three key skills (all of which I’d take as an employer):

  • Access and understand massive amounts of information
  • Global communication skills
  • Self-directed

Alan’s other bold point: if “No Child Left Behind" continues as the primary focus of the US educational system, the consequences will be catastrophic for our economy. He cited studies that show performance of top-level students declining even as the bottom group of students improve in test scores. Metrics matter, and the focus on improving proficiency (as compared against ourselves) neglects the fact that education systems around the world are leaving us behind.