New from Juice Labs: A visualization tool for exploring text data

Today we are pleased to release another free tool on Juice Labs. The Comment visualization is the perfect way to exploring qualitative data like text survey responses, tweets, or product reviews. A few of the fun features:

  • Color comments based on a selected value
  • Filter comments using an interactive distribution chart at the top
  • Highlight the most interesting comments by selecting the flags in the upper right
  • Show the author and other contextual information about a comment
Juice Labs - Comments
Juice Labs - Comments

Below is an example with information about Wikipedia's Lamest Edit Wars. 

For another example, browse data about the most popular Reddit IAmAs for 2012.

Like our other free visualization tools in Juice Labs, the Comments visualization is designed for ease of use and sharing. Just drop in your own data, choose what fields you want to show as text and as values, and the visualization will immediately reflect your choices. The save button gives you a link that includes your data and settings.

If you enjoy this tool, definitely try out our Leaderboard or searchable, sortable Table.  Or if you want to incorporate a series of these visualizations together in an interactive report or dashboard, contact us about Slice.