Microsoft Office: Fighting the Bull

We’re cutting through it this week with an extra helping of Microsoft Office help. Coming soon: PowerPoint brain food, Excel charting de-gunkulator, and Excel charting extreme edition.

But first, check out, an add-in for Word and PowerPoint that takes syntax checking in a more useful direction. This adds a toolbar to your apps that determines how readable your writing is and how prone you are to biz-talk.  Because, wihle you cn sltil raed tihs, you probably can’t decipher this:

One of Unicorp’s corporate objectives is to develop strategic relationships with key customers and be recognized for our ability to deliver services of superior value. This competitive advantage will be achieved through continued focus on our core competencies, management attention to the development of operations and process management excellence in all parts of our business, the identification and application of best processes, and continued attention to direct and indirect cost management. The focus on core competencies will promote the concentration of knowledge in select areas consistent with the tenets of Unicorp’s strategic plan, Unicorp 2000. Management’s attention to operations and process management excellence in all business areas will be achieved through the continued expansion of our management and technical staff, as well as through consistent application of corporate quality programs such as benchmarking and continuous improvement, leading to the establishment of Unicorp’s superior business processes in each core competency. Finally, continued attention to direct and indirect cost management will enable Unicorp to offer customers a superior, value-added package of high-quality service at a competitive price.