Mashing Google Analytics With External Data

A couple months ago, we put together a Greasemonkey tool that sucked data out of Google Analytics, and after mining it for trend information, integrated it back into the GA interface. This week’s tool combines and extends Google Analytics with data from an outside source.

Here is a quick alpha of our Greasemonkey integration of external data reporting into Google Analytics for Kampyle, a "feedback analytics service." Click on the images to zoom in.

Clicking on the ’Kampylize’ tab queries the Kampyle site in real-time to populate the standard GA data table.

Our friends at Kampyle run a service that allows website owners to put a feedback button on individual pages of their website. All information submitted by the user is uploaded to a central Kampyle database that compiles the user feedback with web page url and standard internet statistics such as the name of the browser. Website owners can access a server-end service that consists of a reporting site complete with summary data tables, graphs, and charts.

Since both sites are web-based reporting suites segmented in a similar fashion (individual website, date, web browser, etc.), they integrate together naturally. There is a lot of value in placing related data side by side, allowing users to get a more holistic picture of web site performance. If you have other ideas of data sources that would fit neatly with Google Analytics, let us know and we’ll consider building the integration.

If you’re interested in technical details, continue to Open Juice to see how this is all accomplished...