Make your text readable with 4 easy tips

What we didn't learn in school
What we didn't learn in school

Ever feel like your great data communication documents don't quite live up to the standard of readability you've developed for your data visualizations? You're not alone. Somehow, most of us were never trained either in the education system or in our professional careers on how to properly format our text. As a result, it's oh so easy to just use whatever Word or Google Docs tells us to (you know you've done it: Courier New, anyone?)

That's why Juice created the Simple Font Framework. It's four simple steps to formatting headers, text body, notes... the works... so that it's clean, readable, and beautiful. Interested? Check out the video here:

Now, once you watch that video, you'll likely have your curiosity tweeked, so we're including a another video for more in-depth font-a-licious information on understanding the mysteries of fonts (like: what exactly does "sans serif" mean?)

Now, what are you waiting for? Go make your text look great with Juice's Simple Font Framework!