Life without the bullet

Here’s a link to a half-hour presentation by Lawrence Lessig titled "Is Google Book Search ’Fair Use’?". The topic is important. If you use PowerPoint, it’s also valuable to see a very polished alternative.

A while back, I highlighted Dick Hardt’s presentation to show that there are alternatives to running through a list of bullet points when you present. Dick’s presentation is similar to Lessig’s. Some have called Lessig’s style the "Lessig method"--keep the slides very, very simple, perhaps a word or two of text or a simple picture, and focus the slides relentlessly on the needs of what you’re saying at each moment. It’s shown up in some surprising places.

Check out Garr Reynold’s Presentation Zen for an overview of the Lessig method, the Godin method, the Kawasaki method, and the Takahashi method. There are alternatives to the Microsoft method.