It’s here, it’s clear!

We’ve just updated our website and blog with our new logo (mmm, slices), a new blogging engine (Wordpress 2.0) and a new look. The redesign in particular was inspired by TextDrive, which has some of the best typography I’ve seen on the net and a terrific clean aesthetic.

WordPress brings us two benefits: multi-author support and several approaches to spam-killing. We were never able to get multi-author support working in BBlog, our previous blogging platform. This led to a struggle to find the appropriate tone. We now have four employees (welcome, David and Babak!), and we’d like to ensure everyone can contribute their voice.

On the spam side, we’ve been killing 10 comment spams on a slow day, and many more during the occasional spam storms. It’s not a tremendous burden, but I don’t like staring into the face of the Internet axis of evil every morning.

So, expect to both see more frequent posts, more variety, more voices, and more practical tips here at the crossroads of business and data.

In the meantime, let us know what you think of the redesign. Here’s the new look and here’s the old.