Introducing Slices

We’ve got a logo now thanks to Inkscape and a bout of creativity. Introducing “the slices".

For a long time we were held up due to a compulsion to create a logo with meaning. Here’s what works for us about “the slices".

  • looks like a “J"
  • juice = fruit = orange = slices
  • slices = thin slicing = data dimensions = draw your own conclusion here
  • at the intersection of the two slices looks like a droplet… of juice
  • calling it “the slices" is delightfully big-company branding pretentious
  • the faceted intersection of the two slices looks like a gem, which holds special meaning to the principals

Here’s the slices with Juice Analytics overlaid on top.

Rebranding of the website will happen when we get a round tuit. We’ve been battling comment spammers and our current blogging framework (PHP based BBlog) doesn’t have a lot of options to help, so we’ll rebrand, rehost, and change frameworks (WordPress, anyone?) in the next few months.