Introducing Chart Chooser

Find and Download Great-Looking Excel and PowerPoint Charts

Chart Chooser is an online tool that answers two questions we commonly get:

  1. What type of chart should I use to show my data?
  2. How can I make good looking Excel or PowerPoint charts?
Chart Chooser

Chart Chooser is easy:

  1. Check the boxes on the left that best describe your objective
  2. Select the chart that you want to use
  3. Choose from Excel or PowerPoint downloads to get a formatted chart template

A few notes about Chart Chooser:

  • Thanks to Andrew Abela of Extreme Presentations for inspiring Chart Chooser with his “Choosing a Good Chart” post and for working with us to put this tool together.
  • We’ve tried to make the charts both Tufte-compliant (i.e. minimal chart-junk) and visually attractive (thanks to Google for the color scheme).
  • Feel free to suggest other types of charts that you’d like to see in the Chart Chooser. Send an example to
  • If you’d like a customized version of Chart Chooser for your organization, write us at or call me at 202.251.7750.