Help Wanted: Our Re-redesign

We’re re-redesigning our blog and our website and we’d love to hear your thoughts. Here’s are some of our goals.

  • Old articles need to be easier to find. There’s great stuff back there in the archives slowly composting.
  • We’re going to use more of the screen by increasing the default width of the page to show best on screens that are 1024 pixels wide. These anorexic 800 pixel wide blog layouts are soooo 2006.
  • Show more screencasts (we’ve had technical difficulties embedding screencasts for the past few months). We’d like to show more tools and techniques visually. Between our narrow layout and, err, technical difficulties, this hasn’t been possible.
  • Making pages dedicated to subject areas we write about. I.e. there will be a "Excel" page with all the posts on Excel, links, downloads, recent comments.

One thing that won’t change: the rss and email feeds will continue to show the full articles we write.

My question to you is simple. What do you like about this site? What don’t you like? Does anybody enjoy that tag cloud on the right? Did you find it easy to subscribe?