Hello world

A few days ago, I came across this interesting blog post concerning how to really get the most out of college. Like Babak, I too am a graduate of Systems Engineering from the University of Virginia. Being a newbie to blogging and the working world myself, I though I’d start off my first post by sharing a piece of advice I got as an undergrad that makes a lot of sense to me now:

"It’s not important that you know the answer, but rather you know where to look to find the answer"

This especially seems to ring true with the current craze of mash-ups and the push for simple web-based solutions. It’s never ceased to amaze me (even in my short time here at Juice) how many times a person completely capable of understanding their data does not realize that they have most of the tools they need right in front of them. Usually, its not about knowing the answer to the question, but knowing where to look to find the tools to answer it yourself. That being said, I don’t know much about jazz guitarists or snakes, so most of my posts will run along the lines of my thoughts on practical methods for data analysis and random thoughts on design issues.