Google Reader: Looking for options?

Dang! When Google announced in March that they were going to sunset Google Reader, we wanted to believe that if we ignored the announcement, it wouldn't happen. But alas, our strategy didn't work. In case you haven't been paying attention, Google Reader won't be available after July 1st... this coming Monday. So, if you're a Reader user, the blogs you follow (like Juice's) won't be brought to you with the reliable regularity you've come to know and love since 2005 (yep, we started our blog right about the same time Reader made its debut).

But never fear! Here is a link to a list of Google Reader alternatives that will let you import your Google selections directly into a new reader.  But (and here's the part where you need to pay attention), you've got to sign up with one of them before June 30th to ensure this happens.

Afraid of commitment? Too soon to start a new relationship with a new reader you just picked up on the internet? Or maybe you're not sure because you have almost a whole week left. Well, if any of those describe you, you can follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+.  We post links to our updates in those places as well.

Here's to many more years of happy reading!