Juice Analytics Bridges the Gap between Data Analytics and Data Fluency with Juicebox

Newly launched data presentation platform helps organizations harness the power of data through consumer-friendly, revenue-generating applications

NASHVILLE, Tenn. & ATLANTA--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Juice Analytics today announced the launch of Juicebox, its data presentation platform designed to help organizations unlock value from data. Juicebox empowers business leaders to leverage or monetize data assets through interactive, insightful web applications that compel customers to act on data. The culmination of nearly ten years of industry-leading information design experience, Juicebox tells a visually compelling story with data, delivering actionable intelligence and revenue-generating products.

“The Juice team expertly integrates the art of visual communication with the science of data, leading users down a guided path and telling stories with data”

“We have a deep understanding of how and why organizations struggle to capitalize on valuable data,” said Zach Gemignani, chief executive officer at Juice Analytics. “Juicebox incorporates our knowledge and best practices into a clean, simple, cloud-based platform that allows organizations to communicate fluently with data. With Juicebox, we’ve addressed the next-generation data challenge, moving beyond dashboards and reporting to what we call the ‘last mile of data’—where insights are revealed, decisions are influenced, and action is taken.”

Having worked with other leading business intelligence and data visualization solutions, Gemignani and team found them to be lacking in ability to deliver great products—and most took months to implement. Juicebox integrates data sources quickly without burdening IT staff and presents data in a user-friendly interface. Information is layered in visual building blocks to allow users to drill down and slice data based on interests, with each selection leading to greater focus. From enterprise-wide views to individual or product-level performance, insights are easily captured, shared, and saved with a unique Snapshot feature that helps generate dialogue around discovery.

“The Juice team expertly integrates the art of visual communication with the science of data, leading users down a guided path and telling stories with data,” said Robert A. Frist, chief executive officer at HealthStream (NASDAQ: HSTM), a leading provider of workforce development and research / patient experience solutions for the healthcare industry. “Juicebox helps users get comfortable with data by building intuitive, easy-to-use products that make information immediately actionable. At HealthStream, we have a tremendous amount of healthcare workforce data flowing through our network and, with Juicebox, are exploring ways to leverage it to help healthcare providers achieve better outcomes, save time, and reduce costs.”

HealthStream—which made a minority equity investment in Juice last year—was instrumental in a Juice headquarters relocation to Nashville one year ago, with both companies recognizing the potential of Juicebox to support HealthStream’s network, including Nashville’s data-rich healthcare industry. Juice notes, however, that the platform is well-suited to help all industries leverage data. An example—and early adopter of Juicebox—is Predikto, which helps manufacturing organizations with high-valued assets anticipate future asset failures and reduce potential for significant downtime costs.

“Juicebox delivers our predictive analytic results to customers in an easy to consume, visually compelling way,” said Mario Montag, chief executive officer at Predikto. “Working with the Juice team has been great. Their expertise is evident, and their commitment to creating a truly valuable product is realized in Juicebox. Our customers are ecstatic with the results.”

As thought leaders in Analytics 3.0 and the data-driven consumer experience, Juice Analytics’ founders recently authored a book to address the widespread disconnect between collection and meaningful use of data. Entitled Data Fluency: Empowering Your Organization with Effective Data Communication, the book will help leaders responsible for analytics and business intelligence turn data into a valuable tool for decision-making. Data Fluency is scheduled for publication by Wiley on November 3rd.