Finding zip codes close to an address

Just got an email from someone we work with:

I’m researching options for being able to find zip codes within a specific distance from a location. Thus far I’ve found a couple of desktop applications, ZIP Code Download’s Lookup GXE and Xionetic’s ZIPFind Deluxe, both for about $200.

I was curious if you had any experience or thoughts on either of those, or if you had any other product suggestions for this functionality. As an example, we’re looking to be able to define an audience consisting of contacts with ZIP codes between 20 and 30 miles from Chicago.

This is a pretty common problem. The applications referenced don’t seem to bring a lot to the table. Why not stick with the tools you already know. Geocoded zip code lists aren’t hard to find (the Yahoo Geocoder, for instance, lets you build your own).

So, here’s an Excel-based tool that lets you enter a US address and returns zip codes within a certain number of miles of that address.

Find Zip Codes within

Address lookup is courtesy of the free Yahoo geocoder.

Note: This tool was updated to use the new Yahoo geocoding service.