Excel Core Knowledge Wiki

We got great feedback from our readers on the recent post about core Excel skills for data analysts. A few folks asked if they could chip in and contribute to building out this knowledge. With that in mind, I put together a wiki using pbwiki ("make a free wiki as easily as a peanut butter sandwich").

For those not familiar with wikis (WICK-ees), they are a type of web site that lets visitors edit the content. Wikis allow people to work collaboratively to express the collective knowledge of the group.

We put together the Excel Core Knowledge wiki (password to make edits is "excel") to create a training resource for data analysts using Excel. Together with your input, we’d like to:

  1. Develop a short list of the most important Excel skills for data analysis. There is a huge array of Excel tips and tricks available on the Internet; we’d like to cut through this confusion by taking a stand about the things that matter most. (We have an area for "non-core" tips and tricks where we can park all the useful concepts that don’t make the cut.)
  2. Gather teaching materials for each of the skills. Feel free to upload instructional files, add your thoughts on important skills, or incorporate links to valuable web sites.