Building Customer Loyalty through Reporting

Over the past few months we’ve heard numerous stories, like the SEO reporting example highlighted here, where organizations are losing customers or renewals are in jeopardy because of poor reporting.   It hasn’t been specific to one industry either.  We’ve heard this story in healthcare services, software maintenance renewals, ad agencies, etc.

What we’ve noticed as a common thread across these cases is that reporting is viewed as a compliance activity or requirement, not an opportunity to connect with customers.  Reporting or the sharing of insights, is rarely thought of as a means of educating customers, sharing expertise or part of the overall customer experience.   

While there are many opportunities to build customer loyalty using data, i.e. using predictive analytics, to personalize offerings, we’ve created a short, no registration, e-book, Building Customer Loyalty Through Great Reporting, to articulate how a valuable Information Experience TM can enhance the overall customer experience you deliver and round out all your touch points.

The e-book is an easy late night Kindle read or lunch time scan.  Please check it out and let us know what you think about the relationship between reporting and your customer experience.  You can download it by clicking here.  

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