Analytics Roundup: Google goodies v. MS Paint

YouTube—MS Paint by freeloveforum
Ah—MS Paint. The endless limitations. This spoof video pokes fun at the design team who made this application.

YouTube—Amazing Footage of MS Paint
Completely amazing step by step footage of the creation of a great image with (you won’t believe it) MS Paint - no kidding. This just goes to show that so many times it’s not the tool that enables or limits, but the skills of the user.

ColorSchemer | Instant color schemes for your Mac with ColorSchemer Studio OSX
Mac tool to properly select colors that look good together. Adds a new tool to base the scheme on a photo as well. Visualizing Data: Books: Ben Fry
Ben Fry is good.

google ridefinder
Shows paths of shuttles in New York City. It’s easy to pick up the outline of Manhattan.

daily FedEx plane network
Animation showing FedEx flight patterns over a 2 day period. It’s easy to visually pick out patterns from this (i.e. there’s no doubt where Memphis is).

Google new chart API
URL to plot charts and return the result as an image right in the browser.