Earn Visualization Prizes

You’re familiar with airline miles, platinum status, frequent shopper cards, reward points and other loyalty concepts. Heck, you’ve got more VIP cards hanging from your key chain than badges on a kid’s scout uniform. Well now you can earn a bit of Juice visualization swag without even raising a penny. Sound intriguing? Read on.

The Shakedown

You want free, goodness to gracious physical resources in your hands. We want you to earn them with our lightweight (easier and faster) or heavyweight (take you a good minute) challenges. The harder the challenge you accomplish, the better the prizes you get to choose from. These are while supplies last people, so get crackin' and let us know just as soon as you're done.

A couple of things to keep in mind for these challenges:

  • Fresh challenge blog posts will appear periodically. Any posted challenge is fair game unless it has a hard due date.
  • Be as creative as you dare. In fact, we dare you.
  • Keep it clean (i.e., something you wouldn’t mind your mom reading).


  1. See available prizes.
  2. Complete all steps of a challenge of your choice below (or both!)
  3. Send all submission to info [at] juiceanalytics.com with the title of the challenge in the subject line, your name, mailing address, and visualization prize of choice.

Without further adieu, let's see our very first challenges. And in this corner...

Lightweight Challenge

Title: Everyday Visualizations Objective: This exercise is about getting you thinking how we naturally understand information visually everyday.

Everyday visualization samples
Everyday visualization samples

Though we often think of visualization around here of only relating to complex data, that's not the whole story. Look around when you go about your day. See something that is communicating measurement in a visual way? Do you think of something as good or bad just by its color? Are you being instructed to do something without words? What makes something a visualization (or not) to you? (Don’t worry, we know this may open up a can of worms on what is and isn’t a visualization, but we think it's also good food for thought.)

Challenge Steps:

  1. Take at least two (2) pictures of everyday visualizations. (Get some use out of those smart phones!)
  2. Email your pictures to us, along with a sentence or two about each picture describing why you think it's an everyday visualization.

Heavyweight Challenge

Title: Visualizing a Valentine Objective: Use a loosely structured brainstorming technique to make someone’s day. Submission due date: Sunday, Feb. 20 2011


Valentine’s Day is just a few weeks away, and we want you to look good. Really good. This calls for some visual problem solving: Mind Mapping. At the end of this challenge, the winner (that's right) will have a prize sent to their house along with $50 to reimburse their gift. Two runners up will get $25 each.

Challenge Steps:

  1. Read this overview on mind mapping. Don't get locked into one viewpoint though. They can look like this, this, or even this.
  2. Download , print, and use our mind mapping starter. Nothing fancy. You get to bring it to life.
  3. Grab something to write with, at least one other colleague or friend, and start mind mapping Valentine's Day gifts or surprises that will cost $50 or less to accomplish. Creativity wins the day. Make it personal. Boring, stereotypical gifts won't be winners.
  4. Do it! Surprise someone with your Valentine's gift.
  5. Email the proof. We need an image of the mind-map you created, and a written description of the gift and reaction from the recipient.

Convince us yours was the most creative / successful gift and we'll send you $50 along with any single visualization prize of your choice. The two runner's up will each receive $25.  Decisions of the judges, while completely subjective, are at our sole discretion and are final.

We hope you enjoy the challenges and the chance to score prizes while exercising your visualization muscles!