Designing Great Dashboards – The Book

It’s been a busy summer for us here at Juice with more and more companies asking us to help them take their data and create dashboard applications that help them get more done. While working on these accounts, we’ve seen an ever increasing interest and awareness in proper dashboarding techniques.

We believe that the best software is the software that people like love to use. Typically they “love it” because it helps them get their job done quicker and/or better. This can be for any of a number of reasons, but it’s great to see that buyers are becoming less satisfied with junky information applications.

So, we’ve decided to share the wealth. We’ve decided to compile many of the design tips we’ve harvested from our client projects over the years. These learnings are collected into a 3 part paper entitled A Guide to Creating Dashboards People Love to Use (catchy, isn’t it?). We’ve written this to help people who want to create information applications that break out of the horrible constraints of the industry-standards we’ve all seen and have been disappointed with.

We’ve made this paper available to folks who we’ve done business with or who have registered with us in the past, but we didn’t want our readers to be left out. If you didn’t receive an invitation to download the paper (maybe because you’re one of those lurkers out there -shame on you ;-) now’s your chance to be part of the "in crowd". If you’re interested, register to download your own copy of Part 1: Foundation. For those who register, we’ll be mailing Parts 2 (Structure) and 3 (Information Design) over the next few weeks.

We think you’ll find it really useful and hope you’ll let us know how it helps you communicate your information more effectively.