Data Storytelling: The Ultimate Collection of Resources II

When we wrote the first installment of "Data Storytelling: The Ultimate Collection of Resources" the world was a different place. It was 2013 and we were all busy celebrating a new royal baby, adding the words "twerk" and "selfie" to our vocabularies, asking ourselves "What Does the Fox Say?", and just beginning to recognize the idea of data storytelling as a hot new concept in data visualization.

Flash forward four years and the concept of data storytelling has only increased in popularity. Since that first collection of resources was posted, the amount of quality content on the subject has grown exponentially. Below are some of our favorite blog posts, videos, presentations, and more about data storytelling that have been published since. Peruse and enjoy at your leisure.

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1. Blog Posts

Series on Storytelling by Jon Schwabish

What Is Story? “ While it sounds good to say that we’re telling stories with our data, I think far too often, far too many of us are not applying the word story to data correctly."

Story Structure “As the terms “story” and “data” get mixed together more and more, it’s worth taking a look at traditional story structure to see if we are appropriately applying the word story to data."

Applying Data to Story Structure “If, however, we are telling stories with data, then these models of story structure should apply to data and data visualization. But they don’t."

The Storytellers “In this final post, I look at the differences between analyzing data and talking to people and how those two ends of the spectrum differ across different types of content creators."

More Story References and Resources - A list of resources inside a list of resources -- so meta. Jon Schwabish details the materials he used while writing his series on data storytelling.

So What? By Cole Nussbaumer Knaflic “Everyone wants to "tell a story with data." But very often, when we use this phrase, we don't really mean story. We mean what I mentioned above—the point, the key takeaway, the so what?"

Storytelling with Data Visualization: Context is King by Nick Diakopoulos “To fully breathe life back into your data, you need to crack your knuckles and add a dose of written explanation to your visualizations as well. Text provides that vital bit of context layered over the data that helps the audience come to a valid interpretation of what it really means."

Data Storytelling: Separating Fiction from Facts by Brent Dykes “As various people step forward to provide opinions on how to tell data stories, I’ve seen misinformation creep in which—if left unaddressed—could lead aspiring data storytellers astray."

The Role of Data in Data Storytelling by Teradata “An (alarmingly) large number of comments and opinions describe in great lengths how people in technical professions are unable to explain or storytell their experiments and findings. Have we regressed that far that something as natural as stories has disappeared from our skillset? Not really."

Will You Present the Data As-Is, or Tell a Story? By Ann K. Emery “It’s not that one visualization style is better or worse than the other. They’re apples and oranges. I want you to figure out when your viewers are expecting to see each style and then learn how to switch back and forth."

Story: A Definition by Robert Kosara “Once you start looking at actual stories, you will find these elements everywhere. And they do apply to well-crafted stories about data just as they apply to traditional stories about people."

Implied Stories (and Data Vis) by Lynn Cherny “Even very simple stories, whatever the discourse form, rely on the reader filling in a lot of invisible holes. Some of the interpretation we do is so 'obvious' that only sociologists or cognitive scientists can make explicit the jumps we don't notice we're wired to make. "

Everything We've Ever Written On Storytelling by Juice Analytics

2. Videos & Presentations

3. Podcasts

Visual Storytelling w/ Alberto Cairo and Robert Kosara by Data Stories (Enrico Bertini and Moritz Stefaner)

Adam Greco’s 5 Analytics Data Storytelling Strategies by The Present Beyond Measure Show (Lea Pica)

Data Storytelling with Brent Dykes by Digital Analytics Power Hour

4. Books

5. Other Resources

30 Days to Data Storytelling by Juice Analytics

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