Come Have Breakfast with Juice on July 15th

Breakfast with Juice

Listen up, all you Juice fans who live in Atlanta. We’ve finally nailed down all the details for the get together we announced a few weeks ago. We’re calling it the Viva Visualization Tour.

What you’ll have when you leave:

  • visualization best practices training around information layout and workflow,
  • information visualization, chart selection, and styling
  • networking within the Atlanta visualization community
  • a full breakfast buffet like only Magianno’s can put on
  • opportunity to pick the Juice collective for tidbits of vizo-knowledge
  • a few pieces of custom designed Juice schwag

What Juice gets out of this:

  • socializing with the people in our virtual and physical community who love making visual sense of data
  • opportunity to talk about the stuff we’re excited about with people who are actually willing to listen (besides our moms)
  • a big ol’ food bill
  • the joy of seeing some of the most respected members of the Atlanta visualization community all in one room

If this sounds like great fun to you (and who wouldn’t think so), register. We do have limited space, so don't wait.

And, for those of you who aren’t in the Atlanta area, we’re also planning an August meeting in D.C. and a September meeting in Boston, so keep your eyes open for those (as well as other potential cities).