Research Admin Survey Says...

A few weeks back, we surveyed university research administrators to get a better feel for their reporting practices and the types of tools they that use to communicate. Take a look at the results, and share in the comments below what surprised you most about the findings.

The survey results offer a glimpse into the Office of Sponsored Research's reporting process, effort and current tools. The survey results are from 84 different U.S. universities and 2 private research facilities compiled in the first quarter of 2016. They are a mix of 40% Public and 60% Private institutions.

Video: 10 Design Tips for Better Reporting

Often when sharing and presenting data, things can easily get lost in translation. The reason for this typically comes down to the way the information is displayed. This disconnect is easily prevented, however, by incorporating a few easy design techniques into your reports and presentations.

In this video, we go through ten tips and ideas for improving chart and presentation understanding. Watch below, or check out the slides on SlideShare, and let us know what your favorite presentation tips are.  

Demo of Self Service Reporting for Offices of Sponsored Research

Research universities administer hundreds of research proposals and awards.  As a result, research administrators receive a comparable number of report requests on proposals, awards, expenditures and researchers.   While electronic research administration (ERA) systems have great data and offer reporting, these systems don't always make data easily available or in an easy to consume format for college leaders and sponsors.  As a result, there's a lot of effort spent packaging the data and making reports more presentable.

Here's a brief video (< 1 minute) showing what Research Self Service Reporting powered by Juicebox looks like and how it engages users.

Like what you see of the Research Self Service Reporting?

Self Service Reporting of Research Activity for Campus Leaders

Here's a recent webinar with Notre Dame's Office of Research sharing and discussing how they're using the Juicebox platform to implement self service reporting and automate their sharing of information with campus leaders.

A 30 minute webinar of Notre Dame's Director of Business Intelligence, Terri Hall, describing how they use Juicebox to provide self-service reporting to their users.

To learn more about Notre Dame's implementation of Juicebox, download the case study.