A Boon or a Pest? Google Apps Haiku Contest

We were recently asked to answer some questions about our usage of Google Apps. We’re writing up some business-prosey answers, but poetry is another way of capturing the experience. Here are the questions and our answers in loose haiku.

1) Where are you located?

In Herndon, VA
Beside the flowing traffic
Grove Street, 555

2) What does your business do?

What are these numbers?
Sea of corporate data
Juice is your life raft

3) How many people do you employ?

The cat leaps, clawing
The coiled bird escapes
Seven feathers fall

4) Who are your main competitors?

Thundering feet pound
Yet by the rippling puddle
The mammal sips uncaring

5) Why did you decide to use Google Apps, and why did you choose Google over other commercial or opensource alternatives?

Spring air warms the tree
Talking Heads song can’t fight
O2 for free

6) What products did it replace and why?

Old friends whither
In spring, new shoots grow
Excellence in change

7) Are you using the Standard (free) version or Premier (paid) version and why?

The raven’s keen eye
Gathers all he needs
He has no wallet

8) Which applications do you use (Gmail, Talk, Calendar, Docs and Spreadsheets, Page Creator….All?) . Which ones give you the most benefit?

Star, thread, search
Dinner for seven at seven
Featureful sunrise

9) How many people are using Google Apps and how?

Does the happy frog count
Beside the spring bullrushes
How many croaks he hears?

10) What benefits have you derived from using the Google Apps? (quantifiable benefits if available)

Deep frozen roots
Towering tree, branches drooping 
A nut in the snow

11) What features of the product do you appreciate most and why?

Was it you or me?
Making rash changes
Revision history

12) What’s been the overall impact of using the Google Apps?

Hive mind emerges
Cicadia-like, a boon?
or a pest?

13) Any advice you’d give others in implementing and using Google Apps?

Internet down?
Keep a chair warm
At local Starbucks

14) Are you using any other Google applications such as Maps? AdWords? AdSense? Please elaborate.

Reroute my route? Cool!
Every trip now includes
A stop at IKEA

15) What improvements would you like to see in Google Apps that would benefit your business?

A shopping list
is useful, but PivotTables
sparkle in sunshine

Care to share your experience with Google Apps? We’ll highlight the best haiku in a later post.