Are You Ready for Some Football? We Are!

Despite the debacle that was known as the “replacement refs”, football is back!  And if football is being played, then that means fresh new data is being made. We are helping our friends over at (a.k.a. heaven for NFL stat junkies) display the 2012 NFL Snap Counts in our Leaderboard visualization. Each week you can view which players have played the most (or least) on offense, defense, and special teams. The data can be filtered by position or team and you can search for your favorite player (or fantasy sleeper pick) by last name. After you finish, jump to Juice Labs  and try making a Leaderboard using your own data. It is as easy as 1) paste in your own CSV data; 2) configure the data elements you want to show (see the "Learn how" button in the Data area); 3) share a link to your newly created visualization or embed it in your website.


We are looking forward to adding more visualizations like this to Juice Labs over the coming months. In each case, you'll be able to use your own data and easily share or embed the visualization. All free.

(Bonus) Football Outsiders Scavenger Hunt. See if you can find these 3 items in the 2012 NFL Snap Count Leaderboard:

1. Which offensive players played on a defensive snap in Week 3? 2. Where does Ryan Lilja from the Kansas City Chiefs rank for special teams snap percentage in Week 2? 3. Which linebackers in the NFC East have more than 150 total snaps thru Week 3?

Thanks to our summer intern Duane Rollins for his help on getting this together.