Absolutely Google Earth – Complete Tool Collection

Google Earth can be a powerful tool for geographic business analysis. Here are some resources. We’re going to keep updating this page as new tools roll in.


KML Generation/Translation

  • GPS Utility by GPS Utility, Easy-to-use application that manages and manipulates GPS data. Now with Google Earth support.
  • KML Home Companion for ArcGIS posted 9/14/2005 by Jim Cser, Converts ArcGIS (http://www.arcgis.com)layers into Google Earth KML files.
  • Arc2Earth by Brian Flood, ArcGIS to Google Earth converter with emphasis on converting much of the rich map annotations from ArcGIS to KML
  • Microsoft Flight Simulator:Google Earth Translation keeps Google Earth view in sync with Flight Simulator

News & Information


  • Portland Maps — Excellent example of the analytical possibilities of Google Earth
  • EarthPlot — a data analysis and visualization tool that processes CSV files into KML overlays