A Juice Web Event: Empowering the Analyst

Our friends at Tableau invited us to lead off a webinar about the broken bits of Business Intelligence and what is needed to fix it. With the provocative title "The Score: IT-centric BI — 5, Information Worker — 0", we intend to hit blog-themes such as the plight of the noble but beaten-down analyst, the misplaced emphasis on bulky technology solutions, and the false deification of the Executive Dashboard.We’d love to have you stop by on March 22 at 2:00 ET. Go here to register.

The session abstract is below:

Empowering the "Everyday Data" Analyst

Like it or not, we’ve all become "everyday data" analysts during the last decade. We became document specialists and spreadsheet experts ten years before that. We have standard tools for creating documents, spreadsheets, and presentations right on our desktops. These applications are familiar and easy to use — even if we only use them infrequently. Why don’t we have the same for working with data?

Everyone agrees that we have plenty of data—it streams through our departments and across our desktops everyday. But despite the big, IT-centric BI solutions that exist in our organizations, it’s the tools and skills for investigating and making sense of "everyday data" that we’re missing. The people who have the most to gain from data analysis are often the least capable of doing so. Where’s the BI equivalent of Word or Visio?

Join Zach Gemignani, co-founder of Juice Analytics for this free web seminar. Based on his years of experience with analytics client engagements, you will hear him present the real-world struggle of "everyday data" analysts. You will learn:

  • How the IT-centric view of BI should change
  • How do we empower our "everyday data" analysts in our organizations
  • What shifts in approach and technology are necessary for effectively working with data