30 Days to Data Storytelling - Updated

There continues to be interest in data storytelling. For example, consider Cole Nussbaumer’s recently-released book, Storytelling with Data.  The amount of quality content on the subject continues to grow, and that’s why we decided to do a refresh on our 30 Days to Data Storytelling document from 2013.

New look, but the basic principle is still the same. Through a series of exercises, you’ll learn some of the best techniques for delivering information in a way that people understand, absorb, and act on it. You can skip around, or follow the daily instructions - the choice is yours. Either way, in less than four weeks you’ll be telling stories like a pro.

Already completed it and ready for more? Some other thought leaders on the topic, in addition to Cole, to check out include Lynn Cherny, Robert Kosara, and Alberto Cairo.