Another data viz contest brain seed

Have you been thinking about our O’Reilly Strata visualization contest, but need just a little more inspiration? Yesterday we talked a little bit about what’s possible using just Excel. Today, we wanted to point out a recent example of telling a story with Tableau that we found interesting.

Take a look at this nice bit of data journalism done by the Wall Street Journal entitled United States of Venture Capital. It’s a nice interactive map that demonstrates a good way to show multidimensional data on a map using filters and category selections. This is the kind of stuff that Tableau handles very nicely. And, in case you were unawares, there’s the Tableau public offering that you can use (just remember that all your data will be public as well.)

So, when you’re composing your response to our challenge, keep Tableau in mind for that batman-style visualization utility belt you use for great visualization creations!