100 PowerPoint Ideas

Sometimes when you’re starting a presentation, you need a little help getting over the hump in deciding how to present data and concepts. The following PowerPoint deck contains a collection of ideas and visuals that can help when you’re brainstorming.

100 PowerPoint Ideas.ppt

I hope this is a valuable resource for presentation writers looking for inspiration, widgets, nice-looking charts and graphics, and ideas on structuring slides.

It’s organized into four sections:

Widgets: Little graphics that help call out an idea or show where you are. Examples include: Harvey balls, bullets, brackets, arrows, and outline styles.

Charts: Different ways to use PowerPoint’s built-in charting to create nice looking graphics. Examples of column charts, pie charts, commented pie chart, multi-column charts, waterfall chart, radar charts, and representing data with chart areas.

Graphics: This includes tables, value chains, linked chains, representing three dimensions of value, showing market forces, project structure, project timelines, segmentation schemes, ranges, positives and negatives, product roadmaps, flows, processes, Venn diagrams, filtering opportunities, and showing market space.

Slide Structures: Ways of framing the content of a slide, including personas, multi-charts, section breaks, and calling out important concepts.