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Do you have valuable data locked in Excel or databases?

Do you want to monetize your data or save your customers’ time?

Juice Analytics is the answer.


We worked with Juice Analytics to create a concise path for our clients to obtain essential data while providing an inventive user experience.

Anitha McNeilly, Product Manager, Verity


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What does Juice Analytics help you build for customers?


Data Products

Help customers make smarter decisions

Customer Reporting

The internal or external ones

Public Facing Applications

Craft compelling, built-for-humans data stories

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Industries delivering delicious data with Juicebox




Consulting & Professional Services

Data science & predictive analytics


"In the past, sharing grant information was a cumbersome and time-consuming process involving requests via emails or phone calls, plus time to create and email the report.

Our audience was also dependent on us being in the office to provide them with the information sought.

With Juicebox, they can find the answers to their questions within seconds of opening the user-friendly display no matter what time it is.

And the interactivity provides them with a modern and intuitive way to quickly analyze the data for decision making and strategic planning."

Terri Hall, Director, Research Business Intelligence, Notre Dame Research, University of Notre Dame


Think Juice Analytics could help get your data into the hands of the people who need it?